Blessed T-shirt Academy

I started HISBlessedOne on March 12, 2013, four months after getting the assignment from GOD. I have learned so much over the last 5 years and I am so excited to help you start the Tshirt line you have been desiring to start.

Join me on January 30th for the Blessed Tshirt Academy's Live Webinar from 7pm-830pm. The webinar will include:


  • How to Establish a Business
  • How to Identify Your Niche'
  • How to pick out Quality Tshirts
  • How to Price Your Tees in Order to Make a Profit
  • Shipping Options and Supplies Needed
  • Printing Options and How to Talk to Printing Companies
  • Where to Sell Your Products
  • Other Ways to Make Revenue Offline 
  • How to Sustain Your Business


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