Blessed T-Shirt Academy

So you want to start a Tshirt Line?!

Well, I am so excited to help you build a Successful and Sustainable Brand!     I started HISBlessedOne on March 12, 2013, four months after getting the assignment from GOD. I have learned so much over the last 5 years and I am so excited to help you start the Tshirt line you have been desiring to start.

Join me on March 6th for the Blessed Tshirt Academy's Live Webinar from 8pm-10pm. 


Here is what you will learn:

  • How to Establish a Business
  • How to Identify Your Niche'
  • How to pick out Quality Tshirts
  • How to Price Your Tees in Order to Make a Profit
  • Shipping Options and Supplies Needed
  • Printing Options and How to Talk to Printing Companies
  • Where to Sell Your Products
  • Other Ways to Make Revenue Offline 
  • How to Sustain Your Business

This investment includes:

  • A live 2-hour webinar which includes a Q&A
  • A workbook designed for you to launch your t-shirt line
  • A 30 minute one on one coaching session with A'Keta to further help you develop your brand 

What BlessedOnes are saying about The Blessed Academy...

I had the pleasure of attending A’Keta’s, “The Blessed Tee Academy”, and I must say it was amazing! She was so informative and provided the necessary tools needed to start and sustain a successful T-shirt business. She shared her personal experiences and even dived into what she currently does to set her self apart from others within the same market. If you are looking to start a T-shirt line definitely attend one of her classes! ~Amirah


I was very excited to take The Blessed Tee Academy class and it did not disappoint! I left the class feeling confident that I had what I needed to        start a t-shirt line. A'keta was very knowledgeable and the information was delivered in a way that clear and engaging. I was able to easily follow along with the workbook that was provided. I would definitely recommend this class to others! ~Shelly


The dreams I saw became a reality with the guidance of my beautiful Life Coach A'Keta Vasser!    I launched my brand Dawnology and created my first collection of Hemp Totes and Cotton Tees "Free To Be Me" and I completed my second book Dusk Versus Dawn.  A'Keta exceed my expectations of my journey which was not defined.  I gained faith, belief, trust, released control and know that God guides my life and I indeed walk in faith....  A'Keta was the light from above to guide me! MUCH LOVE ALWAYS ~ DAWN

I had the pleasure to work alongside A’Keta for several years whilst we were both with Victoria’s Secret,  a Limited Brands Company. When A’Keta worked on my team, she was a Brand Manager. Victoria’s Secret is a world renowned brand, but for much of the company’s existence, the brand came to life in the stores. A’Keta was an integral part of creating the VS brand consistently everyday through brand execution and delivery. Each day, it was her responsibility to ensure that customers felt the brand upon entry to the store through their in-store customer service experience as well as the visual merchandising. Not only did A’Keta flawlessly execute our brand standards daily, she helped others on the team also understand and maintain brand standards in her absence. Branding from a customer service and visual aspect is difficult to ensure as a manager and A’Keta was able to teach those around her what that looked and felt like from a customer experience exceptionally well. ~Courtney


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