March 01, 2012


Passion Week

I am so excited that today starts Passion Week(Holy Week)!  Every since Lent season started on 22 February I have been going through the season expecting Resurrection Sunday to be the (okay)! Passion Week(Holy Week) is the remembrance of the pain, suffering, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of our LORD - for all of us.

When I was younger I was excited about Easter because I got a new dress, an Easter Basket, and said an Easter speech.  Today even though I don't have a new dress  I am still excited about Passion Week and I am claiming Resurrection Sunday to be AWESOME from Sunrise service to afternoon service. I am declaring that GOD is going to make a shift in my life and others. It is my prayer that everyone feels the LOVE of JESUS this week. That everyone will understand the sacrifice JESUS made for us. Even as I am writing this I am giddy about GOD and my soul is crying out Hallelujah!

As you go through the week meditate on the Gospel as it gives us a clear picture of everything that JESUS went through:

Sunday (today)

    Matthew 21:1-11

    Mark 11:1-11

     Luke 19:29-44

    John 12:12-19


     Matthew 21:12-19    

     Mark 11:12-19

     Luke 19:45-48

    John 12:20-50


    Matthew 21:20 – 22:40

    Mark 11:20 – 12:34

    Luke 20:1-40


    Matthew 22:41 – 26:16

    Mark 12:35 – 14:11

    Luke 20:41 – 22:6

    John 12:2-8


    Matthew 26:17-46

    Mark 14:12-42

    Luke 22:7-46

    John 13:1 – 18:1


    Matthew 26:47 – 27:61

    Mark 14:43 – 15:47

    Luke 22:47 – 23:56

    John 18:2 – 19:42


    Matthew 27:62-66

    Mark 16:1

    Luke 23:56

 Sunday (Resurrection)                              

    Matthew 28:1-15

    Mark 16:2-14

    Luke 24:1-43

    John 20:1-25


A'Keta Julinate'

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