January 11, 2016


My Year of YES!


Yesterday as I was thinking about my best moment of 2015 this image of me arriving back in the states after working and living oversees for the last 6 years dropped in my spirit. One would say how could the day of you arriving back in the states after losing your amazing job be your best day of 2015?! Well I can be honest and say that my trip to Africa would have been my first choice but the more and more I thought about it I would not have gone to Africa if GOD didn't bring me back to the states first. Once I embraced January 16th as my best day of 2015 I realized that because of that day 2015 was my year of YES (lol...no I haven't read Shonda Rimes book yet but the title resonated with me). In 2015 once I decided to say Yes to GOD's Will and Living My Life Completely for HIM I began to all also say....... Yes to Walking in my Purpose

Yes to Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Yes to Loving my Body
Yes to Winning at Life
Yes to Obedience
Yes to Trusting Myself
Yes to My Inner Strength
Yes to Learning and Growing
Yes to Healing
Yes to Deliverance
Yes to Friendships
Yes to Closing Doors on Past Relationships
Yes to Love
Yes to Walking Away From People Who Are Not Good For Me Without Apologies
Yes to Forgiving Myself and Others
Yes to Giving Back
Yes to Living My Life Without Fear
Yes to Getting Back Up Everytime
Yes to Laughing More
Yes to Enjoying Life
Yes to Honesty

and so so much more! In 2016 I will continue to operate in a Spirit of YES! My goal for 2016 is to continue to operate in obedience! What is your goal for 2016?
Thanks to all who helped me through 2015!

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