June 21, 2012


GOD's Love

Sunday past was Father's Day and while I was in church GOD reminded me of a time in my life that I yearned for the love of my biological father.  I was in my early 20s and had met my biological father a few times only for him to deny my brother and I on all occasions.  Growing up I felt rejected by him and it affected my life.  I can remember crying over him and wishing he loved my brother and I like he loved his others kids.  IT HURT!  As I got older and started dating the rejection affected my relationships.  I didn't feel pretty enough or adequate enough because if my own father didn't love me then how can anyone else.

When I was about 25 GOD delivered me! Hallejuah I was at church one Sunday and I can remember being in  pain (emotionally) and crying out to GOD.  GOD met me there at the alter.  HE wrapped me in HIS arms and said "CRY no more over this man. I have sent you two dads that love you unconditionally and NOT only that I am your DADDY.  I am here for you ALWAYS!" 

At that moment I was delivered from the spirit of rejection and my biological father's actions no longer affected me.  GOD was right I had two DADS who loved me..mistakes and all!  LOL  Most importantly MY GOD LOVED ME!

Two years later when I got married I was okay when my biological father declined my invitation to my wedding.  My wonderful Fathers Otis and James and my twin brother Antonius (who as always acted like my daddy...lol) walked me down the aisle. 

Today I still pray for my biological father that GOD will deliver him and I wish him well.

Thank you GOD for reminding me of where you brought me from!  Thank you for your unconditional LOVE!  Thank you for taking care of every situation in my life!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY!

Ephesians 3: 17-19

1 Corinthians 13:13


A'Keta Julinate' 

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