August 29, 2013


The Journey to Becoming a Better ME!

Everyday when I wake up I pray to be a better to person than I was the day before. This week on my IG and FB page I shared how GOD is molding me so I decided to share them here on my blog as well....






I am choosing to be HAPPY everyday! 

I am ridding myself of people that are negative or bring me down. 

I am commiting to live in the moment at all time so when I start to get nasty or in a bad mood I can take a few minutes, walk away, or sit at my desk and

usher in the Holy Spirit.

I am choosing this for A'Keta!

Life is too short not to be HAPPY!




 I am learning to be thankful for the things seen and unseen. 

I  am thankful that I serve an AWESOME GOD that will never leave me nor forsake. 

I am learning from my boss to give thanks even for the smallest things. I promise you he tells me thank you at least 50 times a day and with each thank you it is as if I am I hearing it for the first time!




Learning to move when GOD says move....

Learning to be okay when GOD tells me know...

Learning to sit and listen.....

GOD has spoken!

My Journey.......


A'Keta Julinate'

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