September 16, 2013


HISBlessedOne Supports AFRICA

In February 2011 I went on a family vacation to Cape Town, South Africa and it was the best experience of my life! It was there that I fell in love with the African culture and the continent of Africa and when I left after 7 days I knew that I would go back to do missionary work there.  In December 2012 while doing my vision board I did a section dedicated to doing mission work in Kenya. As I set at my desk and worked on my vision board I thanked GOD for giving me this awesome vision and was excited to plan my trip for the new year. I did some research at the beginning of this year trying to find the right Christian mission group that was bible based and doing work in Kenya. As the months past I started getting a little discouraged when I didn’t find one so I went to GOD asking what else I could do to follow through with my vision and I was led to help build a well in Kenya. At first I was like okay GOD build a well really how am I going to do that and who will I partner with and then GOD started showing me how wasteful I was with water and how I take the fact that I can just turn on my shower and get clean water for granted (something some of the Kenyans cannot do). I started noticing that when I wake up in the mornings one of the first things that I do is turn my shower on even if I don’t have plans to get in the shower for another 10-20 minutes. I had to go back and repent for being so wasteful and now I am teaching myself not to turn my shower on until I am ready to step in (this has been hard). Once GOD revealed my new purpose HE led me to a Mission group that was just perfect (Isn't that just like GOD).

The mission group that I am working with is Real 4 Christ Ministries and from the first email exchange I knew that they were the right people to partner with. The Real 4 Christ Water Ministry gives life! People die every day in Kenya due to water contamination.  Right now there are 8 villages that desperately need water and it cost about $8,000 to drill a well. I was a little intimidated by the $8,000 price tag but I am dedicated to providing water to 50-150 people every day. I have worked with my logo designer and HISBlessedOne has a new Support Africa Tee and all proceeds from this edition of Tees will go towards drilling a well. I believe in the cause so much I have decided to match the sales from the Support Africa Tee dollar for dollar.  

I am asking everyone for support! You can purchase a shirt on the HISBlessedOne website or you can make a donation directly to Real 4 Christ Ministries go to

Deuteronomy 16:17 All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your GOD.


A'Keta Julinate'


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