August 20, 2012


Life's Journey

Last Tuesday my Brigade Commander decided he wanted to run a 5k in honor of the Coast Guard's Birthday. He sent out an invitation for everyone to join him. I thought it was a good idea since he was new to the unit to be inviting to others but I was dead set against running. On Friday the day of the run the Commander came in and he was so excited about the run but I still stuck to my word that I was not running. By late afternoon I had changed my mind and was excited to sign up for the race so I could get a t-shirt and show support to the unit.

The run started at 7pm and it was at least 105 degrees and dusty outside. The  wind was blowing and it felt like a hot blow dryer (yea....a blow dryer). Once I got to the race I got excited and started looking for familiar faces amongst the masses. I wanted someone that was going to run and walk the race with me. Well when the race started I found myself alone (Some people ran ahead of me and I ran ahead of some people). I was full of energy and in good spirits when the race started off but soon the heat started to beat me down. It was at that time that GOD began to reveal to me that in the natural I was running/walking a race but in the spirit HE revealed that this was life's journey. HE began to show me that the heat, the dust, the wind, and the incline were obstacles in my life. HE said you are going to go through some things…your run/walk with me is not going to be easy there are going to be somethings that will come against you but I AM THE LORD THY GOD!  When I got to the 2nd mile I was too done and over this 5k (LOL) but then I saw a table that had cold water bottles and as I grabbed one GOD said "just when you want to give up think of that water bottle as my word. The word is there to sustain you as you continue on." During the run there were individuals who encouraged other runners/walkers along the way either through words of encouragement or by running behind their battle buddies to keep them moving and motivated. GOD reminded that HE places people in our lives to do the same thing to push us, to encourage us, to cheers us on. MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD! As I got to the 3rd mile I was really hating life and wishing I could just go to my car and call it quits. That is when GOD really began speaking into my spirit. HE became the ultimate encourager. HE gave me the extra energy to continue on. I pushed past the pain, the heat, and the exhaustion and kept going. As I hit the track to run the last lap the Commander was there to push me harder and finish the race strong.

How many of you know that this is what GOD does for us everyday? HE wants us to win at this thing called life. HE wants us to seek HIS word. HE wants us to be encouraged. HE wants us to listen to HIS voice and seek HIM!



Exodus 20:2  

2 Corinthians 1:3-5


A'Keta Julinate'

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