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About a month ago I opened up my journal and as tears rolled down my face I began to vent to GOD about my frustrations. I was frustrated because I felt like HE was not answering my prayers. GOD do you not love me......GOD am I not being obedient.....GOD how long do I have to wait on your promises. Every now and then I get in a nasty slump and start to believe that GOD is not answering my prayers. I mean I literally have a pity party.....crying and complaining.

As soon as I closed my journal that day and the tears stopped flowing I felt a sense of peacefulness come over me. It was as if everything that I had been holding inside was finally out on the table and I was free. See I know GOD to be a good GOD....I know that HE has answered my prayers.....HE is faithful.... but if I am honest there have been some prayers that HE hasn't answered and what I didn't realize was every time that I didn't get a prayer answered I was closing a piece of myself off to GOD. If you read my last blog then you know that I had built up this wall around my heart and unanswered prayers played a part of that.

This last month or so has been a hard but beautiful journey. I've spent alot of time in the presence of GOD and working on myself. I feel lighter....someone told me today as I was leaving 6am prayer that I was glowing....I normally am when I am in the presence of GOD.

The work I've been doing has helped me to stop focusing so much on the prayers that GOD hasn't answered and start living in a place of gratefulness for the many prayers HE has answered.....because HE has truly blessed me. I am also mindful that some prayers haven't been answered because it isn't my time and some weren't answered because they aren't in the will of GOD! Once I allowed the walls to fall GOD was in a place to really do a good work inside of me. I am no longer existing I am my best-blessed life!

I can't wait to share more about this season of my life this Sunday! I hosting an event in Columbia, SC where I will be releasing HISBlessedOne's newest tee and talking about how the shirt manifested. If you are in the Columbia area and would like to attend respond back to this blog. I would love to see you!




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Wendy Goodwin
Wendy Goodwin

August 07, 2018

Amen! Such beautiful words! I would love to attend your new tshirt reveal. Please send me the details.

Thank you

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