FREEDOM {No More Chains}

Tuesday Morning as I laid at the altar crying my heart out during 6 am prayer I allowed GOD to break down the walls that I had unconsciously built up around me. I had fought so hard to build up a wall to protect me against the enemy but what I didn't realize was that I also built up a wall around me that made me hard and no longer vulnerable enough to share my emotions, my hurts and concerns with others as freely as I once did. I had adopted my mother's motto of getting over the things that bothered me which didn't allow me to process why those things hurt me or made me sad. I began to give myself one day to cry, kick or scream and then I had to move on with my life. When my friends asked me how I was doing I would say I was fine or I would share how I was doing but it would be very surface. Now looking back I guess I did those things because I wanted to always look strong, I didn't want people in my business and I was taught to just give it to GOD!

I had been feeling this tug on my heart for the past few weeks that GOD wanted me to go back to blogging and sharing my journey of this thing called life. I am always reminded that HISBlessedOne started out as a blog in 2012 and grew into t-shirts in 2013 {if you have time you can read more of my blogs.....I use to share alot} but once again the wall I had built up around me wouldn't allow me to be obedient until Tuesday. My obedience of going to 6 am, my obedience of going to the altar {that was hard for me....admitting that I needed prayer} and being open to allowing GOD to break those walls down was life-changing for me and very necessary. I know that I couldn't grow spiritually and continue to walk into my purpose if I didn't allow GOD to heal me.

I am excited to be back blogging......I remember this process being very therapeutic for me. In 2012 when I started it wasn't about numbers and how many people came to my site it was about obedience. I am going to try my best to hold on that same mentality in this season and live in a place that if one person reads the blog and is blessed by my journey then I did my part. 

I am thankful that I was lead by the Holy Spirit to take this week to be healed from some things so that I can walk into my 41st Birthday tomorrow FREE! 

Thank you for allowing me to be open and honest with my thoughts and feelings! Thank you for allowing me to be ME!

If this blessed you I would love to hear from you. Share a comment below.




May 30, 2021

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Tina Leemaster
Tina Leemaster

June 25, 2018

Hi Aketa, we met in 2013 in Kuwait, and I’ve followed your website and admired your spiritual drive since then. I find that I too have built some walls that are keeping me from reaching spiritual happiness however, you have encouraged me to take some time and do what God wants me to do. I hope we get to meet again someday. I love you sister.

Meshia Davis
Meshia Davis

June 24, 2018

This blessed me to see you going back to you’re roots…blogging! HE has a lot of work for you to do. Praying for your strength on this journey. 😘😘😘😘

Gloria  Evans
Gloria Evans

June 24, 2018

Thanks you for your transparency. Often it’s difficult to allow yourself to allow other to see your scars from what we know as life but I w come to see through my on season that the strongest person needs that transparency to remind the weakest person to know that the God I serve is not only able to deliver me but you as well. Our experiences in life are she’s light for someone else. Stay encouraged and know that you have someone covering you in prayer.

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