Write the Vision and then RUN with Purpose!

Last week while I was in prayer about the plans GOD had for me in 2015 I was reminded that in order for HIM to bless me I had to put in some work and not average work but to be excellent in everything that I do. 

When I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me I knew that I had been the reason some things I put in my Vision Journal for 2014 didn't come to past. I could bore you with all the excuses I have like I work a full time job sometimes 60 plus hrs a weeks....I work/live in another country....blah blah blah. The truth is that I am no different than anyone else that is busy living their life and still finds the time to walk into their purpose. RIGHT?

The more and more I manifested on GOD's word I decided that in 2015 I was going to miss everyone with the excuses and the sob stories and really push myself and my business into excellence. As I thought harder and harder about updating my vision journal (I blog about Vision Journals here) for 2015 I knew that it had to be different than the previous years. I needed to not only write the vision but I also needed to have a plan to make the vision come to past. I went back to some notes from a Goal Setting Class I took a few years ago and came up with a step by step goal process that I plan on using this year and of course I had to share with my BlessedOnes. 

The Step by Step process is below:  

Write the Vision

Know where you are right now

Decide what you need to bring your vision into reality

Make a plan

Set and pursue short term goals

Commit yourself completely

Continually monitor your progress 

Goal setting is an ongoing process that empowers internal motivation so to further assist you with turning your vision into a reality I have attached a daily calendar template. At the top of template you will write your vision and focus for the day and on the bottom of the template you will write what work you will put in that day to get a step closer to accomplishing your goals. 

Sounds easy right? Well of course it will take a little more focus and planning but the results will be POWERFUL! I am excited to hear all that GOD is going to do through you in 2015! 

If you have any questions about Vision Boards or the template please don't hesitate to contact me!

Many Blessings

A'Keta Julinate' 


**I am thankful to my sister for taking the above template that I saw on IG (@creativelyflawless) and putting a HISBlessedOne spin on it. If you would like a copy email me at iam@hisblessedone.com and I will send you over a couple different versions**


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